Hello and welcome! My name is Janet Slusser. I'm happily married to my wonderful husband of 30 years, who is a strong supporter of my photography and scrapbooking "habit" (I made made 64 traditional albums in 12 years). I'm a proud mom of two Aggies. My son graduated from Mays Business School 5/11/13 with his BBA in Accounting and his Masters in Finance, then soon received his CPA. My daughter also graduated from Mays Business with a BS Degree in Management on 5/9/14. The weekend after Jessica graduated, she married a fellow Aggie, Nick Nelson (we couldn't have hand picked a better young man for Jessica and our family - he's an answer to our years of prayers) & started her new job at Hewlett-Packard! I have two Shih Tzus, Tucker & Presley, who are such great company to me and Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

I've taken pictures for years - a lot of which were sports/events that my children were involved in. I used to use a film camera, which was a Minolta xtsi (I still have it) - my 500mm lens came in very handy during sporting events!

When digital became all the rage, I didn't want to switch, but eventually did and quickly learned that I LOVE the instant gratification of digital! I started off with a Canon Digital Rebel, then upgraded to a Canon 20D, then a Canon 40D and currently use a Canon 7D.

For years, I would print all my film pictures and put them in baggies and give them away to parents. When I went digital, I started putting all my albums on a photo sharing site for parents to buy at cost.

Now that my kids are both grown, I figured it's time to take the advice of MANY friends and make a little extra spending money on the side (I do like to shop ya know)!

As of this year, 2014, I’ve begun charging 1 fee and provide my clients with a CD of the photos, along with a release for printing. If you’re interested, shoot me an email!

Thank you,

Janet Slusser